Urban renewal of a large housing complex

Final master thesis project – Urban renewal of a large housing complex in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina named Alipasino Polje. Built during the communist era, it houses 10 700 apartments on 70 ha (173 ac) for a population of 41 500. The site has many qualities but needs serious improvements to face the upcoming years. To create a change, multiples soft urban actions were proposed and transcribed onto a time table of eight years. The two main goals of these actions were to change the image of the neighborhood and make it a better living place for the inhabitants. Sport, cultural and recreational facilities were proposed, as well as a light restoration of the buildings, with an environmental concern. Also, a new public transportation system for the area was planned, in order to reduce cars and traffic which were very present on the site.

Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzégovina
School: Ecole de Paris La Villette
Area: 70 ha (173 ac)
Calendar:  Delivered in June 2010

Phase: Master thesis project